Names of Flowers, Kinds of Flowers and Flower Symbolism
What Story Does Your Garden Tell?


What? You don't know?!

For centuries the flower symbolism found in the names of plants and kinds of plants informed the design of gardens, containers and bouquets of flowers.

It is an art that has gone in and out of fashion and has been all but lost in the 21st century. It's unfortunate, because it adds such a wonderful depth to the way we view life.

Wedding flowers can do more than just match the bridesmaids dresses - they can pronounce undying love and passionate desire...or if chosen poorly can speak of infidelity or secret longings. A container of plants given as a housewarming gift can wish for prosperity, safety and enduring happiness. In days gone by, a small potted plant on a windowsill quietly told passerby of a new baby, an engagement or even the availability of the bachelor or bachelorette inside.

How do flowers and plants speak? There are many ways:

- The way a plant looks

- The way a flower smells

- The way a tree was named

- The way a shrub was discovered

- The way a seed has been used

- The way a leaf is memorialized in myth and legend

Understanding these can infuse a rich new life into your gardening.

You don't belive me?

Let's take a little test!

What do you think of when you see these?

- a red rose - a lily - a pumpkin - a fir tree

Did you say

- Love? - Easter? - Halloween? - Christmas?

Perhaps you thought of passion, a funeral, pie, or winter? You may not have thought of anything on these lists, but chances are you thought of something.

Maybe red roses were grandma's favorite and you thought of a summer porch bustling with red bouquets and cousins and lemonade.

Perhaps lilies were in your wedding bouquet and your mind goes straight to the butterflies in your stomach as you said "I do!".

Pumpkins might remind you of Thanksgiving and fir trees of hiking in the summer woods.

Plants are all around us and whether it is subtle or strong, we have connections to them.

That's what this website is all about. Come in and spend some time. You will find some things to inspire you, remind you, captivate you and help you take your plantings to a new level.

Hopefully, you will never look at your home and garden the same way again!

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