August Names of Flowers

August names of flowers as represented through traditional European, Chinease and Japanese calendars.

(In the illustration the European flower is at the bottom, the Chinese flower is in the middle and the Japanese flower is at the top.)

August is the month of "dog days". Rippling waves of heat in the fields and longing for the cool days of Fall to arrive. The English chose the Poppy, with it's tolerance of intense heat and colors that seem to vibrate in the sun. The Chinese chose the Pear Blossom which heralds the delicious fruit of Fall. Interestingly, the Japanese didn't choose a flower at all for this month. This is the only month on any floral calendar that has a non-flower emblem, but the Japenese still gave it significance. The Hill Crest over which the Autumn Moon rises is both the symbol of good fortune and the welcoming coolness of evening.

English Calendar = Poppy

Chinese Calendar = Pear Blossom (Li Hua) symbol of purity and longevity

Japanese Calendar = Hill Crest (Oka) 

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