Happy Birthday Flowers Container Garden

Happy Birthday! So often we say it with flowers. Try this thoughtful planting of Happy Birthday Flowers for the next birthday gift you give.

In a beautiful, festive container put one colorful Chrysanthemum right in the center. They are available almost year-round at your local nursery in many different colors.

Around it plant several small Basil plants. Basil isn't usually thought of as an ornamental plant, but its leaves are so aromatic and such a lush shade of green, they are a great compliment to almost any plant they are potted with. If you can't find any at your local nursery try your local specialty grocery store, where they often carry potted basil to use in kitchen gardens.

The Victorian 'Language of Flowers' gives chrysanthemum the wonderful meanings of Optimism, Joy and Long Life. Basil means 'Best Wishes!'. What great thoughts for someone on their birthday!

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