Different Types of Flowers
based on the Month of the Year

There have been different types of flowers connected to each month throughout history.

In every culture and in every age man has marked time by the cyclical behavior of the Earth. Seasons are man’s arbitrary way to divide up the year by weather conditions, the way plants grow and when they can be harvested. In the Middle Ages the 12 months of the year were always symbolized by the agricultural activities of the farmer, the chores of his wife and the occasional recreational task - like, uh, bathing.

Time passed and people became more literary and poetically inclined toward the 19th century and the calendars in the Western World began to adopt ancient Oriental customs of symbolizing the months through different types of flowers and plants, according to their seasonal appearance.

Gardening in the Far East had been elevated to fine art and symbolic meanings had been applied to every flower in those cultures since antiquity. One of the eight Taoist Immortals - Ho Hsien-ku, the genius of flowers - decreed that reverence should be paid to a special flower for each month of the calendar year. This flower calendar is the oldest of it’s kind and has been copied through the centuries by the cultures who came in contact with this idea.

What follows is a list by month of flowers in each of the three most prominent floral calendars. Each page shows three flowers based on the old English flower calendar, the traditional Chinese flower calendar and the traditional Japanese flower calendar. Click on the links below to find the names of flowers associated with that month.

January February March April May June

July August September October November December

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