Fathers Day

What do you give your dad for Fathers Day? A new tie? Some golf balls? In the Victorian era, it was common to give flowers to men, especially if the meanings of flowers were used, not just the type or color. Go a little farther this Fathers Day and give your dad a half barrel full of plants for his front porch that tell the neighbors what he means to you.

Soft Lamb's Ear plant (Stachys) meant "gentleness and support" in the Victorian Language of Flowers. Put several of the soft grey plants around the rim of the barrel.

Lavender stood for "Devotion". The silver grey of the lavender leaves will complement the lamb's ears very well.

Giving a man any type of sage plant tells him that "you admire his wisdom". Put one or two large red flowering sage in the center of the barrel to add spikes of hot color.

Give your dad a card that describes what each plant stands for and see if he doesn't share it with his neighbors...

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