Free Garden Design Ideas for your own Meaningful Garden

I wanted to offer some free garden design ideas here to spark your imagination.

As a Landscape Architect I aim to design gardens that are compelling to the senses - sight, sound, smell, touch and even taste. But one of the most important parts - and an almost completely neglected part in current garden design - is to design with meaning. The names of flowers, the kinds of flowers and flower symbolism all play their part. It may be as small as planting a pot of your grandmother's favorite nasturtiums to remind you of summers at her house or as large as every plant in the garden pointing to some aspect or "theme" that is dear to your heart - a memorial garden, for instance. If you design your space giving real thought to the sybolism of the plants, the garden will nourish your soul on a completely different level than if you just choose plants that are "pretty". Why not choose plants that are pretty AND meaningful to you?

So, click on the links below to find some free garden design ideas for tranforming your garden space into a Meaningful Garden to you. You'll find the names of flowers, the types of flowers and flower symbolism to help you.