Remembering Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a set aside to honor those people who have given their lives for the United States of America. The democracy that we enjoy is built directly on the shoulders of these brave men and women.

Here is a unique way to honor loved ones on this day. Giving this container to the spouse, parent or child of someone lost during wartime would be a wonderful way to show them that you are thinking of them and the sacrifice that they have made for us all.

Choose a container at least 24" across. Fill with a good potting mix. In the center of the pot place a pot marigold (Calendula). Pot marigolds stand for "rememberance" and "grief" in the Victorian Language of Flowers.

Around the pot marigold plant several parsley plants. The curley parsley will offset the calendula's long leaves and make the flowers appear as if they are floating on a puffy cloud. Parsley stands for "Thanks" in the Language of Flowers.

What a great way to say "Thank you! I remember your loved one and grieve with you on this Memorial Day."