Thank You!

There are so many ways to say "Thank You" and so many reasons to do so - helping you with a move, watching your kids, inviting you for dinner, dogsitting while you were away. Here is a simple gift that speaks volumes by showing the time you invested into it as well as the sentiments behind the flowers.

In the Victorian Language of Flowers, Bellflower (Campanula)means 'gratitude'. An English legend tells that three wicked young men were turned into swans by a priest and forced to fly endlessy for a thousand and one years. As they were flying over Canterbury, they heard the ringing of Christian church bells. They were awed by the sound and the spell was broken. They fell to earth and St. Augustine found them, lost and confused. As he led them into the church, little bell-shaped flowers sprang from the ground where they stepped, their flower-heads nodding in eternal gratitude.

Daisy Fleabane simply means a cheerful 'thank you'. Put them both into a nice pot and include a card that tells what they each mean for a sure-fire thank you gift.