Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are tricky. They play such an important (and expensive!) part of a wedding ceremony. Brides spend so much time choosing the right color scheme, the right venue, the right cake and the right dress and they want flowers that will compliment those things. But often the bridal bouquet carries a funny, misleading or downright foreboding message for the new couple. For instance, wedding flowers in a beautiful shade of yellow might look wonderful at a summer wedding, but be careful! An open yellow rose could mean 'Diminution of Love'. A yellow tulip might mean 'Hopeless Love'. A yellow chrysanthemum means 'Slighted Love' while a yellow carnation means 'I disdain you!' While these flowers may be lovely in the wedding floral arrangements, they practically shout out that the newlyweds romance is over before it's begun. So, why not choose flowers for reasons other than just to match the bridesmaid's dresses?

The bridal bouquet below speaks lovely sentiments for a wedding. From the top to the bottom, lavender means 'devotion', pale pink roses stand for 'grace and beauty', linden speaks of 'marital virtues' and 'conjugal love' while ivy represents 'marital bliss' and 'intertwining hearts'.

Here are some flowers with appropriate wedding day sentiments:

WHITE AZALEA - first love, romance

FORGET-ME-NOT - true love

ENGLISH DAISY - innocence, simplicity

BUGLE - most lovable

HOSTA - devotion

LILAC - first emotions of love

FERN - fascination

TUBEROSE - dangerous love, voluptuousness

RED ROSE - passion, love

ROSEMARY - rememberance

ROSE GERANIUM - preference


WHITE ROSE - unity, love, beauty


BUTTERCUP - rich in charms

NIGELLA (LOVE-IN-A-MIST) - kiss me twice before I rise

JERUSALEM SAGE - earthly delights

BERGAMOT - your wiles are irresistible

LAVENDER - devotion

SWEET MARJORAM - joy and happiness

LINDEN - marital virtues, conjugal love

ORANGE BLOSSOMS - bridal festivities, marriage, fecundity

MYRTLE - married bliss, fidelity, love, passion, home

HEARTSEASE - happy thoughts

RUE - vision, virtue, virginity

HONEYSUCKLE - bonds of love, generous and devoted affection

CARAWAY - love charm to prevent infidelity

DAFFODIL - regard, respect


PLUM BLOSSOMS - courage, hardiness, happiness, marriage

DOGWOOD - love unchanged by adversity

IVY - wedded love, constancy, intertwined hearts

WORMWOOD - affection

SENSITIVE PLANT - sensibility, do not hurt me!

QUEEN ANNE'S LACE - home, comfort

VERBENA - fertility

Hopefully this will help you add a deeper layer of sybolism to your wedding day. If you have some idea of something specific you'd like to say with your wedding flowers, drop me a note here.