We design and install meadows and nature-friendly planting in Portland, OR.
Let’s reconnect your household with nature.


Does Naturalistic Design speak to you?

We believe that every small piece of land can provide a great living space both for you and also the surrounding fauna. By using native plants and nature-friendly practices, we can create habitats with a higher purpose. If this speaks your mind, we are on the same page!


Do you want to enhance your existing landscape? This may be adding plants here and there, creating a (mini)meadow, focusing on attracting wildlife, moving and caring for existing greenery, or finding a solution for your vegetable garden… We are here to help you with that.

When you book a consultation with us, you will get 

  • 90 minutes of an in-person tour through your garden with Petra, an emerging garden designer (Portland metro area)
  • Fresh tips on how to reorganize your space so that it serves better your needs
  • Ideas on how to brake your outdoor space into smaller, manageable, and thematic parts and how to tie them together
  • Ideas on how and what plants, shrubs, and trees can help with structure and interest in your garden
  • Recommendations regarding the installation of new plants
  • Within 7 days after the consultation, you will receive a plant list with horticultural information and sourcing recommendations

Price ranges between $ 170 – 250, depending on your location and the size of your garden.

Soon, you will enjoy the beauty of your piece of land and put your place to work for you and beneficial little creatures.



Finally, you will be able to fully enjoy your own outdoors. Just reach out for a consultation.
We are looking forward to hearing about your garden dreams and helping to make them real.

Garden Design

The core of our work is to fully use the potential of your outdoor space so that it reflects your life values and activities.  

Do you dream of a: 

  • beautiful and thought-through outdoor space 
  • kids or pets having a fun time in your backyard
  • edible garden or a food forest
  • shady areas being turned into valuable places
  • a flower bed or mini meadow instead of a lawn
  • wildlife-friendly garden
  • drought-tolerant planting
  • garden facelift
  • simply a place where you and your household will love to spend your time?

The design of your retreat will consider your maintenance requirements and gardening level as well as your style and budget. You can be as hands-on with the transformation as you want or you can let us take care of your makeover.

Together, we will turn your space into a dream-come-true garden with an atmosphere where you will feel in harmony with your surroundings. Your place will start to have a deep meaning to you, your family, and pollinators, and your landscape will appeal to your eye season after season, year after year.