Meet Petra

My name is Petra Kocarova and I’m a garden enthusiast and an Emerging Landscape Designer. My background is in graphic and jewelry design which both help me visualizing space.

As an avid gardener myself, I have decided to make my long-time hobby my profession and mission. For the last several years, I immersed myself in studium of garden and landscape principles. My Czech heritage and frequent visits to both European and American gardens help me to see any landscape with a fresh eye.

I have since been working on several garden projects including full backyard makeovers or a native meadow restauration. Portland has been my home town for the last six years and I’m fascinated by the Pacific Northwest nature and climate.

For me, taking care of our environment is crucial as it affects our lives immensely. I will be honored to help you create a releaxing oasis where every inch of land has a meaning for you and the surroundings.

Meaningful Gardens Petra Kocarova