A serie of five raised beds was designed in our own garden to get the most of an underused side yard and to show kids life cycles of edible crops. Now, our household is able to enrich our diet significantly with a diverse palette of home grown vegetables and berries.



A half-acre private area with a beautiful weeping beech in the center is being turned into an unconventional meadow with tall grasses and perennials to stand in a strong constrast to a manicured lawn and clipped hedges.

Nearly all plants in this custom meadow mix are native, with a few closely-related species for an added interest and a unique look. The design incorporates a mowed path leading through the meadow, an outlying seating area surrounded by native ferns and trees and a boulder installation inviting for play and climbing. This project is in progress.


A previously neglected backyard which was turned into a multi-functional area with 4-season interest. In the beginning, the new owners had a long list of desired features but they didn’t know where to start and how to lay them out.

The proposed design offered them a low-maintenance backyard with year-round color, easy-to-grow plants with asian vibe, dramaturgy and focal points. The space is now split up into smaller “rooms” which are being used for entretainment, ice-bathing, meditation, outdoor office and kitchen garden.

The owners are very handy and they are applying the suggested plan by themselves. Thanks to the design, the family is now able to enjoy their backyard oasis all year round.